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Roman Emperor Otho (69 AD)


Born 25 April 32 AD as Marcus Salvius Otho. He became one of Nero's close friends and is thought to have taken part in the assassinati on of Agrippina. He married Poppaea who Nero eventually married. To get Otho out of the way, he was sent to be governor of Lusitania (present-day Portugal) in 59 AD.

When Galba and Vindex revolted against Nero, Otho was quick to join them. After Galba seized the throne, Otho hoped to be named as his successor. When Galba named L Calpurnius Piso instead, Otho launched a coup that resulted in the murders of Galba and Piso on 15 Janu ary 69 AD.

His reign was surprisingly just. Unfortunately, most of the time was spent trying to make peace with Vitellius who had been proclaimed emperor by his legions in Germany. Negotiations failed and Otho moved his armies north to meet Vitellius. One of the units was ambus hed near Bedriacum and, though, the loss was not that devestating, he announced his abdication and committed suicide on the morning of 17 April 69 AD after a reign of barely three months.

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