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Roman Emperor Pupienus (238 AD)


Born Marcus Clodius Pupienus Maximus around 164 AD. On 22 April 238, Pupienus became co-emperor with Balbinus following the deaths of the Gordiani in North Africa at the hands of Maximinus. Military administration fell to Pupienus and he immediately advanced to meet M aximinus. After the troops of Maximinus failed to take Aquileia, they turned on their leader, killed him, and offered their support to Balbinus and Pupienus. Upon his return to Rome, Pupienus attempted to further curtail the Praetorian Guard. He was unsuccessful and his efforts only served to enrage the Praetorians who stormed the palace and dragged the arguing pair into the streets where they were murdered on 29 July 238 AD after a reign of 98 days.

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