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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Archbishops - York - Eanbald, Vigmund, and Ulfhere

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Archbishops of York.
Eanbald, 796.

The coins of this See were stycas, till they became assimilated to the regal coins of the realm, when they are only distinguished by some symbol or mint mark. The earliest Archbishop whose coins are known is Eanbald, probably the second of that name, who was consecrated in 796. The types are those usual upon stycas; the title is sometimes added to the name, sometimes omitted. (153), rud. xiv. xxviii. Archaeol vol. xxv. pl. liii. vol. xxvi. pl. xli. MB. 41. About a dozen variations of moneyers' names occur. These coins were exceedingly rare before the discovery at Hexham; one sold at Mr. Barclay's sale in 1831 for upwards of 5.; a few shillings is now a fair price.

Vigmund, 851.

Of Wulsius the successor of Eanbald there are not any coins known, but of Vigmund, the next in succession, who was consecrated in 851, there are nine or ten moneyers known. The types are the usual ones, and the title is sometimes omitted. (154), Rud. xiv. and xxvii. Archaeol. vol. xxv. p. liv. lv. vol. xxvi, p. xlii. MB. 78.

Ulfhere, 854 to 892.

Ulfhere succeeded to the See in 854 and died in 892. His stycas resemble the former ones, they are rare and only one moneyer's name is known. (155), Rud. xiv. MB. 2. He is the last Archbishop whose name occurs upon the York episcopal mint.

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