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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Ecgbeorht

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Sole Monarchs of England.

In the year 800 Ecgbeorht became king of the West Saxons, gave the name of England to his territories, and gradually subdued nearly the whole of South Britain. He is, in consequence, generally styled the first sole monarch, though in fact he never actually possessed the whole kingdom. He died in 837: upon his pennies he is styled Rex, or Rex Saxonum. His types are,
  1. The king's profile, to the right, within the inner circle, with various reverses, viz. cross crosslet. Rud. xiv. 1.
  2. Cross botone. xxvii. 1. RASHLEIGH.
  3. Cross patonce, wedge in each angle. xxx. 6. MB. 1.
  4. Four crescents back to back, a pellet between them. xiv. 4. MB. 1.
  5. Tribrach moline. The spelling and form of the letters upon this coins are very peculiar. (156), LUSCOMBE/
  6. Bust extending to the outer circle. Rev. monogram, DOROB C? (157). Rud. xiv. 2, 3. MB 10.
  7. Letter A above Saxon Y reversed. (158), MB 1.
  8. Cross, two limbs moline, two patonce. MB. 1.
  9. SAXO or SAXON. with king's name and titles as legend. Rev. cross patonce. (159). Rud. xiv. 5, 6, 7, 8. MB. 2.
  10. Cross potent on each side. Rud. xxx. 7. MB 1.
  11. Cross patee. Rev. cross crosslet. (160), MB. 1.
  12. Cross patonce. Rev. six limbs patonce issuing from a common centre. Rud. xxvii. 2. RASHLEIGH.
The monogram, of perhaps Dorobernia civitas, see (157), is the only authority for assigning any peculiar locality to his mints. About twenty moneyers' names are known, and one or other of them occurs upon the reverse of each of his coins, which are very rare. The weight is about 22 gr.

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