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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Archbishops - Canterbury - Ethered and Plegmund

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Ethered, Abp. 871 to 890.

Ethered succeeded Ceolnoth in 871 and held the See for twenty years. Only one coin of this Archbishop is at present known; it was in Mr. Hollis' collection, and at his sale was purchased by the Museum for 26. 10s. The type is the Archbishop's bust to the right, ETHERED ARCHIEPI. Rev. a quaterfoil, inclosing a circle, over the center of a cross, between the arms of which is the legend, except the four last letters which are outside the quaterfoil, ETHERED MONETA. The workmanship of this coin, and its general appearance, is very superior to those of the preceding Archbishop. Weight 22 gr. (149), Rud. xxx. 5. MB 1. unique?

Plegmund, 891 to 923.

Plegmund held the See of Canterbury from 891 to 923. No portrait appears upon his pennies; but his name and title are on one side; his moneyer's on the other, in two lines with crosses, peellets, &c. interspersed; The types of his obverses are,
  1. A pastoral staff? (150), Rud. xiii. 1.
  2. A large cross. f. 2.
  3. A small cross. f. 3, 4. MB. 1. (151). Four of his moneyers are at present known; all v. r..
After this time the portraits of Archbishops do not appear upon the Canterbury coins; but there are a few pennies which present an Archiepiscopal head, front or side face, with the name of a moneyer round it, and the name of Canterbury on the reverse. Four moneyers' names appear upon these pennies; two of them are moneyers of Coenwulf, king of Mercia from 796 to 818. One of them has a moneyer and type precisely the same as upon a coin of Archbishop Vulfred, so that, if we compare these coins as to style, type and moneyers' names, there can be little doubt but that they were struck by that prelate.

The types of these uncertain coins are,

  1. Front face, as on the coins of Archbishop Vulfred and Ceolnoth. Rev. DOROBERNIA CIVITAS, in three lines, somewhat like Vulfred's, Rud. xiii. 3. (152). Rud. xiii. 4. MB. 1.
  2. Profile. Rev. same as preceding. Rud. f. 1, 2, MB. 1.
  3. Profile head. Rev. DRVR EITS. Rud. xiii. 3. similar to Vulfred (144), and with same moneyer.

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