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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Charles I, Groats

Table of Contents

Charles I., 1625-1649.

Aberystwith: Same as the shillings, with inner circle on both sides, MM. Book. There are several varieties of this coin, differing only in very unimportant particulars. Rud. xx. 17. Sn. X. 29. MB. 4. Another has the head and collar smaller, the bust displaying more shoulder, and armour. MB. Another variety has the collar still smaller, with scarcely any lace; and the armour of the shoulder appears ornamented with studs. The shield also is very small, and the plume large, MM. on both sides, a Crown. Sn. x. 28. MB.

Bristol: Bust similar to the later shillings, no plume before face, no MM. 1644. MB. Similar but BR under date. Sn. xi. 12. Similar, small compact plume before face, 1644. BR. Rud. xxiv. 9. MB. Bust rather different, plume larger. Rev. MM. BR. date 1644. (535) Sn. xi. 11. MB. All the legends commence at the top.

Exeter: Same as shilling, but date, 1644, before the legend of the obverse. Rud. xxv. 8. Sn. xiii. 5.


  1. Bust to left crowned; armour, with lion's head on shoulder, scarf looped up on the breast; lace collar, plume before, IIII behind the head, which resembles those upon the Oxford shillings of 1644, which are turned to the right. MM. Cross formed of a pellet with florets for limbs. Rud. Sup. v. 12. badly executed. Rev. declaration type, 1 plume between two lis above; 1644 OX, below the straight lines inclosing the inscription. The legend commences at the side. (536) Sn. xi. 13. MB. The reverse is from the same die as the sixpence of the same date; compare Sn. xi. 13, and 19.
  2. Bust similar to No. 3. Rev. Same die No. 1. A variety of this rev. has the fleurs de lis very small, and for MM. on rev. a lozenge between four pellets. MB.
  3. Bust similar to Aberystwith. MM. Book. Rev. same die as the preceding variety.
  4. Bust from same die as No. 1. Rev Plume and scroll ornament above; 1645 and waved line below inscription. MB. Legend commences at the top.
  5. Bust somewhat similar in design but much larger, descending to the edge of the coin, and above piercing the legend, which commences at the bottom. Rev. same as last, no MM. (537) Sn. xi. 14. MB.
  6. Bust very similar to the last, with reverse from the same die as the first. Sn. xi. 10. MB.
  7. Bust somewhat similar; R. underneath for Rawlins. Rev. Inscription in a compartment, plume above, 1645 below, no MM. or inner circle. (538). Rud. xxiv. 10. MB.
  8. Similar, but 1646. Sn. xi. 15. MB.
  9. Bust reaching above to the edge of the coin, but below only to the inner circle. MM. Lis at end of legend, which commences at the top. Rev. Same as Sn. xi. 10.--Sn. xi. 9.
York: None. Rud. Sup. v. 8., which he supposes a pattern for one, is a pattern for a three-pence, exactly like those described hereafter with the III behind the head.


  1. Similar to uncertain sixpence No. 1. p. 190, but obv. MM. Plume, instead of B. Rev. no MM. Scroll ornament over inscription, date underneath, 1646. MB.
  2. Similar, but MM. on both sides, a plume. MB.
  3. Similar, but MM. Plume on rev. Sn. xi. 16.
  4. Bust to left, crowned, armour decorated with annulets, laced collar, MM. Rose. Rev. Oval shield garnished, somewhat in the manner of the Worcester half-crown. MM. A helmet, work very rude. (539). Rud. Sup. v. 29. Sn. xiv. 9. MB. 2.
  5. Similar to No. 4, but work still more rude; armour decorated with dots instead of annulets, collar not laced. MM. Obv. obliterated. The rev. quite the same as No. 4. See shilling No. 10.
  6. Similar to No. 4, but obv. MM. Lis. Rud. Sup. v. 25. Sn. xiv. 8.
  7. Similar to these, but obv. MM. Lis. Rev. Lion. Rud. xxvi. 9. Snell. xiv. 2.

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