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The Silver Coins of England

Edward Hawkins, 1841
Sole Monarchs of England - Charles I, Threepence

Table of Contents

Charles I., 1625-1649.

Aberystwith: Same as the groat. MM. Book, on both sides. Rud. xx. 18. Sn. x. 26. MB. Sometimes on obv. only. MB.

MM. Crown, same as groat with that mint mark, Plume large, touching the shield. (540) Rud. Sup. v. 7. His figure and description do not agree. Sn. x. 27. MB.

Exeter: Obv. like the shilling but reads RE. Rev. Square topped shield over cross fleury, 1644 above. MM. on both sides, rose. (541) Rud. xxv. 9. Sn. xiii. 4. MB.


  1. As shilling, plain armour, lace collar, plume before; III behind head, MM. Book. Rev. no MM. 1644. legend commences at top. Sn. xi. 4. MB.
  2. Bust like the groat with lion headed armour, R, for Rawlins, under the bust, no plume in front, MM. Lis. Rev. 1644. legend commences at side. (542). MB.
  3. Similar bust &c. without the R. date 1646. the last figure has been altered in the die from a 4, no MM. on rev. Rud. xxiv. 11. Snell. xi. 7. 8? MB.
York: Same as shilling with square topped shield over cross fleury, above, EBOR. MM. Lion. The obv. legends vary slightly; of the rev. legends, one reads correctly. Rud. xxi. 9. Sup. v. 8. Sn. x. 10. MB. one reads AVSPCE. MB. Another, REGN. MB.


  1. Bust with falling collar like Bristol type, one plume over inscription, no line underneath, 1645. Rud. Sup. v. 10. Sn. xi. 5.
  2. Very like the groat of Bristol type, but the lace not expressed by annulets. R. 1646, one plume over the inscription, no line underneath. (543). Sn. xi. 6. MB.
  3. Bust very like that of the groat, i. e. No. 6. with the annulet ornaments, but pellets instead of annulets, inner circle, MM. Lis. Rev. Shield oval, garnished as crown type 3, MM. Lis. MB.
  4. One, with falling lace collar, plume before the face and over the shield, which is oval and garnished, MM. uncertain. Workmanship very coarse. (544). MB.
  5. Bust with falling collar, no MM. Rev. Square shield, without any cross, the only instance of this kind in this reign. MM. uncertain, apparently a gerb prostrate. Rud. xxvi. 11. Sn. xiv. 4. See half-crown No. 22. The MM. has been called a helmet, a lion, or a thistle.
  6. Similar to groat No. 7, oval shield. Obv. MM. Lis. Rev. Lion. Rud. xxvi. 10. Sn. xiv. 1.

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