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Dictionary of the Coins of the World [Q]

This is an ongoing work (one of those never-ending projects) consisting of a compilation of all known names used for coins from the ancient times to the present. Where possible, a description of coins of that name is given, as well as the most likely origin of the name, including translations. In many cases, links are made to pages which will show various examples of that denomination. Obviously, the images not all-inclusive but hopefully will give the user an idea of what some of the coin denominations looked like and how coins of the same name differ from country to country and through time.


Qadrafi - A gold coin struck in the city of Qadraf.

{From Arabic qadrafi after the city of Qadraf.}

Qararit - Half dangs.

{From Arabic qararit seed of tamerindi?}

Qattrino - ? [Italian States]

Qazbini - A copper coin worth five oboli.

Qindar Ar - [Albania]

Qindar Ari

Qindar Leku - [Albania]

Qindarka - [Albania]

Qintar - Also qindar.  A money of account of Albania, the 100th part of a lek.

{1925-1930: From Albanian}


Qiran - [Afghanistan]

Qirit - A carat, 24th part of an ounce.

Qirsh - A cupronickel coin and monetary unit of Saudi Arabia, the 20th part of a riyal.  Also, a former coin and fractional monetary unit of several Middle Eastern and North African countries.  Also qursh, gursh, girsh and ghirsh.

{1910-1915: From Arabic}


Qirsh ta`rifah - A coin valued at half a piastra.


Qran - Name of a silver coin, the tenth part of a gold toman.

{From Arabic after sahib-qiran.}

Qrish -

Quadrans - Plural quadrantes.  A bronze coin of ancient Rome, the fourth part of an as.

{From Latin quadrans a fourth part.}

[Ancient Rome]

Quadrantes - Plural of quadrans.

Quadrupla - [Avignon, Bologna, Ferrara]

Quadruple - A two-duplone gold piece of Fribourg struck in 1622 and of Geneva struck from 1635 to 1646.

[Swiss States-Fribourg, Geneva]

Quart - [Switzerland-Cantons]

Quarter - [United States of America]

Quartinho - [Portugal]

Quarto - [Ecuador, Italian States, Mexico, Philippines, Spain]


Quaterlola - A gold coin of Genoa struck from 1200 to 1350.

[Italian States-Genoa]

Quattrini - Plural of quattrino.

Quattrino - Small copper coin valued at one centesimo or 1/4 of the soldo.

[Italian States] 

Quetzal - A silver coin that was the standard monetary unit of Guatemala.  It was equal to 100 centavos.  Also quezals, quezales?

{From Spanish quetzel from Nahuatl quetzaltototl named for the bird.}


Quezal - Variant form of quetzal.

Quinarii - Plural of quinarius.

Quinarius - Plural quinarii.  A denomination of ancient Roman coinage, issued in silver and gold at various times and undergoing many changes of value.

{From Latin quinarius consisting of five.}

[Ancient Rome]


Qursh -

Qurush - Plural of qirsh.

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